Answered By: Tacy Woods
Last Updated: Jul 16, 2015     Views: 7

The first guideline for working with pdf documents -- whether you're saving or printing -- is to use the Adobe menu bar that's closest to the document and not the menu for the browser that's located at the top of the page. That being said, the second icon from the left (a disk icon -- how archaic is that?!) will save your document. (If you let the cursor linger over the icon, you'll get a prompt to click and save.) Or to print, select the printer icon.

When the dialogue box opens, just be sure the document is being saved on the proper drive (on your flash drive if you're on a public computer) or in the proper folder.

If the document is being used for a research paper, be sure you have all the info necessary to cite it; this does not happen automatically with a pdf document from our databases.

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